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Examples Using the Model 150A

Here are some examples of plastic parts that can produced with the inexpensive Model 150A injector. As you can see, the machine can hadle a variety of plastic materials and colors. The molds can be made from aluminum or even epoxy.

Mold for plastic interlocking toy blocks
Plastic Toys - Puzzles & Bricks

Golf tee mold for plastic injection
Promotional Items - Golf Tees

Plastic injection fishing lure mold
Fishing - Lures & Bait

Aluminum frame for making epoxy molds
Works even with epoxy molds

Sample plastic injection aluminum mold
The machine can handle large molds. This wall switch plate mold is 7" wide x 4" tall.

plastic injection overmolding
Overmolding is the injection molding process where a thermoplastic material is molded onto another object. This is an example of molding a connector onto wires.

plastic F16 mold
Plastic toys and figures.

Glow In the Dark Pellets
Mold with Glow-in-the-Dark Pellets.

Plastic injection fishing lures
Fishing Lures

3D printed mold for plastic injection
Even use 3D printed molds!

Multi-cavity plastic injection frog lure mold
Multi-cavity Molds

Plastic injection poker chip mold
Extremely Fine Details can be Achieved

Sample mold
Large parts can be produced. The plastic wall switch plate is 2.75" wide by 4.5" tall

Robot figurine aluminum mold for injection molding
ROBOTS! - more fun things that can be molded with the Model 150A.

Maker Faire Robot figurine
Maker Faire Robot! - We were at Bay Area Maker Faire 2015.

Fidget Spinner mold for injection molding
Fidget Spinners can be molded with the Model 150A.